IKEA’s Mikael Desk Gets Some DIY Cable Management

031810_rg_MikaelCableHac_01.jpgIf there’s one thing that we really like about IKEA furniture is just how practical they are and how easily they can be hacked. We were really impressed how Beth managed to get some inexpensive cable management into her Mikael Desk.

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Using LED Lighting Behind Workstation Monitors

It’s always a challenge to create the right kind of lighting when you are working on your computer. Usually, some bright lights work, but that’s not always the case. What about when you are relaxing? Do you still want that bright desk lamp on? We really like this idea: creating ambient lighting behind your monitor using LEDs.

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Extending Your Computer Desk With Billy Shelves

Finding enough space to fit your computer desk isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have a lot of space available for this. It’s always a challenge, but we found Jessica’s solution quite elegant.

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An IKEA Lamp Made Out Of IKEA Dog Bowls

011410_rg_IKEABowlLamp_01.jpgWe know that IKEA furniture can be hacked in a bunch of different ways, but this is the first time that we’ve seen dog bowls being used in this fashion. This lamp is actually made out dog bowls!

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Create A Cheap Laptop Bed Stand From A Dish Rack

120709_rg_IKEALaptopSt_01.jpgWith more and more people going for laptops instead of desktops, users are finding new, comfortable ways of working on their machines. The great thing about a laptop is that you can pretty much work on it anywhere. Having spent a few lazy Sundays in bed with our notebooks, we really liked this simple solution of making it more comfortable.

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Convert Box-Like IKEA Expedit Into Low-Slung Entertainment Center

101909_rg_expedithack_02.jpgWhen you move or renovate your home theater area, you’ll most probably want to get rid of a dated entertainment center. The trouble is that there are quite a few on the market and the newer low-slung versions can be quite costly.

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Hacking Ikea Furniture to Make An Ergonomic Desk

100509_rg_ergodeskhack_01.jpgIt’s one thing if you buy an ergonomic desk. It’s another think to hack existing IKEA furniture to make an ergonomic desk. Joel and Mandy transformed a few IKEA parts into an awesome ergonomic one, which includes smart cable management.

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Make Your Own Custom Lamp Out of Ikea Parts

080409_rg_surtidolamp_01.jpgSo you are moving again or changing the look of your place. You’ve decided that a particular piece of furniture or lamp isn’t going to make it into the new place. However before you throw it out, you need to examine it. Examine the parts it’s made of, because you never know what you can make out of stuff that you would just store or give away.

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DIY Project: Make Your Own Floating Computer Desk Using Countertops

072109_rg_floatingdesk_01.jpgWe love floating shelves. Why? Well because they seem to float and take up almost no space. What if we told you that you could easily transform an Ikea countertop into a neat little computer workstation desk that looks like a floating shelf? The process isn’t all that hard and the results are really interesting. The resulting compact work place is perfect as an alternative to a full-fledged desk.

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DIY Project: Cheaply Assemble Entertainment Center

070709_rg_ikeaentertain_01.jpgTimes are tough, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend no money. You just have to spend what money you have at your disposal smartly. This is why we thought that this Ikea hack was really nifty. The purpose of this project is to build a home entertainment center to house a home theater system, including an HDTV and other devices.

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