Using Watering Cans To Create Affordable Mood Lighting

062609_rg_vallolight_01.jpgWe love mood lighting. There is nothing like placing a few mood lights around a room to revitalize it and change what it looks like. One problem that people face is the actual cost of buying and installing all of these mood lights. Thankfully, we’ve found a cheaper way to accomplish this, with just a little TLC, you’ll change moods easily and cheaply.

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Ikea Hack: Zen Laptop Table

050109_rg_ikea_zen_laptop_table_01.jpgIf you are like most people, you’re working more and more off your laptop. This liberates you from your desk, and makes you find different places to work. The trouble is that you need a nice flat surface usually to work on. Siew Lian came up with this idea when she started working on her laptop more and more. She ended up using an Ikea shoe rack to make this zen laptop table. Now that’s cool!

Billy’s Brother: A Great-Looking Slanted Bookshelf

011609_rg_billysbrother_01.jpgShelving is one of the things that can be easily improved in any home. It’s something that most people just forget because we all have so much to store. You can either get rid of your extra things, if there are any, or you can just get new and improved shelving to remedy the clutter situation. That’s why I found this bookshelf really interesting. It’s great to store all of your books, DVDs, CDs, and multimedia items, while still retaining a unifying theme. Read on to find out more.

Rain Rain Rain

It started raining like crazy tonight. It was long due. However, there is enough water on some places on the streets to start puddle baths. Next to the Carrefour in Sinjhuang is pretty dangerous.

The people at my school were interested to see me get all geared up. I had rain pants, raincoat, rain cover for my boots.

I had a little spill right before the Daan bridge in S
Sinjhuang. I wasn’t going fast, and I had my protective gear on. I just scraped my knee. However I think that it’s time to get rid of Old Nancy. She can barely break when it’s wet and the wheels have basically no traction in the rain.

Field Trip To Ikea

I really don’t know what the school owners think when they decide to book a field trip to Ikea. It’s really strange. I think it’s because it’s free, nearby and Western. I also think it’s a public relations thing, to pick up new students. I saw the principal talking to a few prospective parents.

All photos taken with a Sony Ericsson K810i 3.2 MP camera phone on the 2nd of October 2007 in Sinjhuang, Taipei County.

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