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Converting a Bookshelf into a Mini-Study Workstation

There’s just something really attractive about the idea of integrating a desk into a bookshelf. Sure, you’ll lose some shelving space, but the efficient storage and discreet work area in combination is a small space dweller’s dream. Being surrounded by books at arm’s length is also a plus. While many of us do not have the luxury of a separate study, converting a bookshelf into a desk+work area could be the next best thing…

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Gabriele’s Asymmetric IKEA Besta Hack From Italy

121410_rg_BestHackHome_01.jpgThis interesting-looking home entertainment center hack comes courtesy from Gabriele, and there are some good reasons why it stands out from the crowd. It’s wall-mounted, so it seems to float and it’s asymmetrical, which is always a nice touch when you want something distinctive.

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The Perfect Desk: Hacking Smaller Desks Into Bigger Ones

While there are a plethora of desks available, sometimes you just need to hack yourself one because none of the ones that you see fit the bill. This happens quite a bit, especially in the home office. Since a lot more people are working from home, they need a fully functioning home office. This home office from Toronto, Canada, uses three IKEA Vika desks.

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Doubling the Capacity of IKEA LACK TV Shelving

When it comes time to set up your entertainment center, sometimes it’s hard to find one that will exactly suit your needs. This is why it’s so convenient to hack your own out of existing furniture. Most times, it doesn’t require much to make things work and if you’ve got an IKEA close by (as-is section, anyone?), then you’ve got a wealth of materials to use for a DIY solution.

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Ashli’s Home Office That Was Converted From A Bathroom

It’s true that some smaller home offices start out their lives as closets or nooks and crannies, but this is the first that we’ve seen that started out as a bathroom. The conversion was done in an artful manner, as this room also doubles as a craft room.

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Turn A Tiny Alcove Into A Functional Workplace

082509_rg_alcovework_01.jpgWe like IKEA. There is just something about this Swedish affordable furniture that just works. Since we like IKEA, you better believe that we enjoy reading Ikeahacker, with its great hacks on using IKEA furniture in new ways. It’s always inspiring to see what can be done with small budgets and keen minds.

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