The Arizona Clusterf*ck

Kari Ferrell over at Animal NY really nails it. WTF is going on with these Nazi policies? Next, there will be Gestapo rounding up immigrants into labor camps. Arizona is turning into a police state. I’m having flashbacks to when I first played Half-Life. Who ever thought that this was a good idea? Especially when 30% of the state is Hispanic?

Overheard At The Taiwanese Visa Office In Hong Kong

The Lippo Centre stands tall. The sun is shining through the overcast skies. Finance people go to work.

For some strange reason, the Chung Hwa office is not on the 21st floor. It’s on the 40th. It took a few minutes to find it.

It’s 8:38AM on a Friday morning. There are already six people waiting in line at the door. The Chung Hwa Travel Agency opens its doors at 9AM. Fees have been upped. Single entry visitor’s visa is $400HK + $200HK for same day processing.

Man and daughter walk up to the counter. She’s about 10, squat-like with glasses. He’s tall, Canadian and has blond hair. He sports a beard of a few days.

-Good morning ma’am, and how are you today
(unintelligible response)
-Today, we’d like to apply for a student visa for my daughter
(unintelligible response)
-My wife is Taiwanese, but she’s not my daughter’s mother.
(unintelligible response)
-She’s her step-daughter.
(unintelligible response)
-I’m still waiting on my criminal record check. They lost it and I had to send for it again.
(unintelligible response)
-I’ve only got photocopies, I was told that it would be enough.
(unintelligible response)

-At this time, we can not offer you ANY visa, due to (unintelligible response).
(shocked consternation)

-Your photos are too small. Please get some new ones.

From Russia With Hate

Current’s Christof Putzel investigates a growing movement in Russia where neo-Nazi groups are brutally attacking immigrants and spreading their hate. (via jl)

USA Doesn’t Like Immigrants

What else is new? Canada’s immigration laws have also become stricter in the last couple of years.