Adorable Lego AT-AT: He’ll Still Work for the Empire When He Grows Up

Angus MacLane created this cute little AT-AT for a contest on LEGO Star Wars enthusiast-site From Bricks to Bothans. It was part of a ‘Chibi‘ contest, meaning that the LEGO sculptures had to be shrunk to look like smaller, cuter versions of themselves.

angus maclane chibi adorable at-at imperial walker star wars empire

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Building A Life-Sized AT-AT: Utter Craziness?

We’ve just started to see some powered exoskeletons, and they are still pretty clunky affairs. So how can we even think about starting to build a real AT-AT? That doesn’t seem to faze the Mike Koehler, the man behind AT-AT for America – a campaign to build a fully-functional full-size AT-AT.

at-at usa america tumblr imperial walker fantasy science-fiction

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AT-AT Snow Sculpture Holds Up to Little Kids, But Not a Rebel Attack

I know that making AT-ATs out of snow has been one way of using up some of the massive snowfall that’s been plaguing the U.S. this season, but I have to say that this one from Norway actually looks pretty awesome too.

at at imperial walker snow sculpture fun mexican viking

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Pimp My AT-AT

The Empire’s Imperial Walkers were always awesome, there’s no denying it. Thankfully, I’m not the only one who thinks so. But designer Steven Anderson has come up with a few different designs to make them look a bit cooler as they stomp. That drab, gray paint job didn’t really do them justice on the icy white backdrop of Hoth.

steven anderson restyled at-at star wars imperial walker

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AT-AT Made From Recycled Computer Parts: Blue Screen of Hoth

This awesome-looking AT-AT was created by Sage Werbock. He is an expert welder and blacksmith. Sage put this AT-AT together using scrap parts salvaged from old computers and some sheet metal. I have to say that the result looks pretty impressive.

star wars at at imperial walker computer parts

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Star Wars Imperial Walker Learns to Surf the Web

Once again, an AT-AT Imperial Walker from Star Wars has been zoomorphized into something cute. Aw, isn’t it precious – the little AT-AT is learning to use the Internet.

at-at imperial walker star wars learning surf

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