Destiny 2 S11: Season of Arrivals

Last week, the new season of Destiny 2 launched. It brought a bunch of changes and we finally got rid of the idiotic seraph towers. How does the new seasonal activity compare? Let’s find out.

Destiny 2 S10: Season of the Worthy Initial Impressions

I started playing Destiny 2 again last week and just managed to complete all of the missions that I had to do. It was a close thing. In between server issues, and not being able to matchmake with players good enough to simply run a forge, it was getting tedious. So the end of the season came as a bit of a relief, because there will be more players flocking to the game.

Beatrice and Virgil by Yann Martel

Beatrice and Virgil

Although I have not read Life of Pi, I found myself in front of a copy of Beatrice and Virgil. I’ve always been a voracious reader and I was sure that eventually, I would read Life of Pi. I actually had Life of Pi in my possession for a couple of months, but never read it because at the time, there was a furore about it. I didn’t care much for that, so I placed it aside. A decade later, I might actually pick up a copy.

After purchasing Beatrice and Virgil, I quickly Googled it to see what it was about. I found Ed Champion’s rant about the book. I wasn’t disappointed that I had bought it. Bad books, just like bad movies, have their charm. Obviously, Beatrice and Virgil is a thinly disguised memoir, that’s wrapped up in a strange mystery. Martel’s writing is mesmerizing at times, and brilliant, yet at other times it’s odd and repetitive.

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Punisher Warzone

The new Punisher movie takes its name from the Punisher Warzone comic series. I wasn’t expecting much. The Punisher is a character that needs an R-rated movie. It can’t be done PG. On that point, this movie delivers. It’s not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of violence, Julie Benz looks delish as a brunette and Ray Stevenson plays a good Punisher.

That’s what surprised me most. It was an OK movie. I was expecting a terrible movie. It was entertaining. There were parts that were pretty funny. Things go awry when the Punisher shoots and kills an undercover FBI agent. The movie is filled with Brits, which isn’t a bad thing.