High End Earphones: Superior Sound For Audiophiles

041511_rg_HighendEarphones_01.jpgOne of the most annoying things when you are going around town or working out is to constantly readjust your earphones into the optimal place and not getting the right kind of sound from your earphones. No matter what you think, if you’re on a bike or running, then earphones are the way to go to keep your headphones on. Nowadays, high end earphones will allow you to listen to your music as well or even better than on your speakers.

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In-Ear Headphones That Will Stay In While You’re Out

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you are going around on your business and your earphones just pop out. All ears are different, but there are a few earphones that work really well, no matter what your ears look like.

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Thanko Earring Earphones

These new earphones from Thanko are the perfect fashion-meets-tech accessory that we’ve seen in recent months. The new Sound Lives Magnetic Earphones are offered in a variety of different styles, from a soccer ball, skull, cross bones and panda design. These earphones double as earrings, allowing you to continue to listen to your music while still looking fashionable.

Audio Technica’s Noise Canceling In-Ear Headphones


High end headphones are great, especially the over the ear type headphones. They enable you to hear the acoustics almost perfectly. The more you pay, the better the headphones. However, it’s not always the best idea to lug around your giant headphones. They don’t take the daily wear and tear very well and they usually don’t go in the rain.

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