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Go On The Notification Diet, Inbox Zero-Style!

airplane mode.jpgWhile many people leave their smartphones silent these days, since it’s kind of rude to have them constantly ring when you get a new notification, when you’re trying to get work done, it’s hard not to check out what’s happening whenever your phone vibrates or starts flashing. Most of the time, these notifications can be ignored, but it’s next to impossible to do so consistently. Here’s a technique that has worked well for me in the last couple of weeks.


Stop Your Smartphone from Becoming an Electronic Leash

041312_rg_SmartphoneElectronicLeash_01.jpgSmartphones are inarguably handy tools of convenience, if not necessity for some, but they can quickly become an electronic leash. Especially true if you do a lot of work via smartphones, where the constant checking if incoming messages can equal mounting tasks, even when they are not slated for a shift. Workaholics beware, because it’s easy to start working when you are going out with friends!


The Pros and Cons of the Inbox Zero Life

062211_rg_ProsConsInbox0_01.jpgIf you are one of the people that is trying to get to Inbox Zero or that has attained Inbox Zero, you’ve probably realized that just like any system, Inbox Zero isn’t perfect. Inbox Zero will change the way that you interact with email, and that can be both good and bad, depending on your unique situation. This can be even more problematic when you are freelancing or working from home. Work emails tend to get jumbled up with personal emails. In order to stay on top of everything, you’ll end up making sacrifices.

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Inbox Zero: The Perfect Anti-Procastination Tool

040611_rg_Inbox0Procrast_00.jpgNo matter who you are or what you do, at some point in time everyone procrastinates. There’s a logic to this, but ultimately we’ve found that procrastination stops us from getting stuff done. Which is why we really like Inbox Zero. It forces us to address everything immediately, solving a lot of issues that would have been put aside beforehand.

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Emails & Mornings: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

012011_rg_EmailsandMornings_01.jpgIn the past, because I fervently believe in Inbox Zero, I skipped on checking my inbox in the morning. I just didn’t have the time. In the last few months, I’ve modified my morning routine to allow enough time to check emails. The question is: should you check your email in the morning?

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Inbox Infinity: When Inbox Zero Isn’t Possible

111010_rg_InboxInfinity_01.jpgDepending on how much email you get everyday, it’s quite possible that attaining Inbox Zero and maintaining it isn’t feasible for you. It all comes down on how you use your email and what you can do to reduce the clutter and the noise so that you can get the job done.

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The Optimized Email Workflow For Inbox Zero

When you’re using Inbox Zero or trying to get there using Gmail’s Priority Inbox, you’ll need to tweak the way that you check your inbox in order for it to work well. All in all, you’re just ensuring that you don’t obsess about your email too much.

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