The Distance to Mars: Measured in Pixels

I’m pretty sure that many people have trouble understanding stellar distances. Even Mars, one of the closest planets, is really far away by Earthly measurement standards. Check out this great and simple web animation on how far away Mars actually is from Earth.

distance to mars

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Partly Cloudy iPhone App: The Infographic Weather Companion

Whenever I check the weather on my phone, I open up a couple of different apps, I always find it funny that none of them give exactly the same information. That being said, I don’t currently use an app like Partly Cloudy, which definitely looks like an interesting way to check the weather forecast.

partly cloudy app ios iphone raureif weather

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Ghostbusters vs. Pac-Man Ghost: Who You Gonna Wakka, Wakka, Wakka?

These new retro prints from Raid71 put together some of my favorite characters, in an unexpected, but not unlikely pixelated scenario. It makes you wonder who would win in the epic battle between the Ghostbusters and this blue ghost from Pac-Man.

ghostbusters pac-man raid71

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Which Angry Bird Do You Like Best?

Yes, I have to admit that I play Angry Birds. As many of you know, the little game is painfully addictive once you get into it. Destroying stuff with angry birds makes sense all of a sudden. That’s why I liked seeing this infographic on the pros and cons of each angry bird.

angry birds video games infographic like dislike

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Doctor Who Cheat Sheet is Perfect For Your Girlfriend

Whenever a friend or your significant other wonders why you keep watching 30-year old Doctor Who episodes, with what seems to be terrible special effects, then you can forward him/her this image that was created by Bob Canada. It’s a Doctor Who cheat sheet.

infographic doctor who retro cheat sheet

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The Evolution of the Geek: What Stage Are You At?

How much do you know about geeks? At what stage of geekiness are you? Amazingly, the work geek comes from ‘gecken’, which referred to circus performers biting heads off chickens. Wait, does that mean that Ozzy is a geek?

evolution flowtown geek humor fun

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Is Reddit Bigger Than Digg? [infographic]

There’s a reason why I’ve always liked Reddit better than Digg. Maybe it had to do with how cheeky they are, maybe it’s got to do with the fact that I strongly disliked the whole Digg Mafia thing. After the whole Digg Revolt, it’s now time for Reddit to provide evidence that it is actually bigger social news site – at least in terms of pageviews.

reddit social news website digg pageviews

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Themes Througout Science-Fiction and Fantasy [Infographic]

While I do agree with a few commentators on Reddit that science-fiction and fantasy shouldn’t be bundled together, I really like this infographic, which is a sort of mega-recap of the themes that we’ve seen in television over the last 40 years.

themes science-fiction infographic television

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Shark Week Summed Up In One Infographic

Did all the press about Shark Week annoy you just enough that you didn’t catch any footage on Discovery Channel? Well, no need to worry, because all of the vital information on sharks was put together by Chris Rooney into this handy chart for your perusal.


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The iPod Revolution: How Your Cute Apple Device Changed the Music Business

You can either love it or hate it, but there’s no denying that the iPod changed the face of the music industry. Even though you’d rather not think too much about it, especially if you don’t own a Mac, Apple has made an incredible impact on music. This amazing infographic from Online Schools has a lot of cool facts about the iPod Revolution in case you wanted to actually learn something on the internet today.


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