New Infrared Obscurants Will Cloak Battlefields in Greener Fog of War

New Infrared Obscurants
An AC-130U gunship fires flares to emit masses of infrared and confuse heat seeking missiles. Other techniques involve hiding infrared rays all together. Photo: Simon Poter/Flickr

Obscurants, which are basically metallic dust clouds, have been in use for years in order to protect troops from heat-seeking missiles. These obscurants have never been environmentally friendly or easy to control.

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VISTA Telescope Uses IR to Show Helix Nebula In New Light


The Helix Nebula in the Aquarius constellation, located some 700 light-years away from Earth, was just observed by the piercing infrared gaze of the VISTA telescope at the Paranal Observatory in Chile. Some have referred to the images as the Eye of Sauron, from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

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Midnight Shot NV-1 IR Digicam Perfect For Night Shots (and Snooping)

There are plenty of infrared lenses and night-vision cameras out there, but this cheap little digital camera is a really affordable way of getting into IR photography. Naturally, any photos you take will look a bit strange and bizarre but that doesn’t stop the Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera from being a fun little cam.

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