PossessedHand: I Swear I Didn’t Flip You Off

PossessedHand is a device that will make your fingers move by themselves. It’s supposed to help you learn certain tasks that are complicated to learn. It was developed by researchers at Tokyo University and Sony.

possessedhand sony tokyo university japan cyborg remote control

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Ringbow: Put a Ring on It and Enhance Your Touchscreen Control

While I understand that the flat touchscreens may make some people may want an external pointing device for their tablets, it seems to me that ancillary controllers defeat the purpose of actually having a tablet. Sure, typing is a pain, but from my experience, pointing and clicking isn’t. It seems that this concept called the Ringbow would add extra functionality to the touch-screen experience.

ringbow tablet pointer click input device

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Minebea COOL LEAF Mirror Keyboard Goes Into Production: Forget About Touch Typing

This cool looking keyboard first appeared as a concept last year, and the Japanese company Minebea was considering making it a reality. They’ve just announced that they will release it in Japan on May 13th.

cool leaf keyboard mirror minebea japan

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Void Mouse: Stripped Down to the Bare Essentials

If you love Microsoft’s Arc Mouse, then this should be right up your alley. The Void Mouse was designed by Vrouyr Joubanian and he’s streamlined the input device as much as he could – resulting in the most minimal mouse we’ve ever seen. For now, this is still a concept, but it will be interesting to see if it’s ever made.

void mouse computing input device concept minimal hollow

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Nexus SM-8000: Quiet as a Mouse

Have you ever been annoyed by your mouse and it’s incessant clicking while you navigate the web? Actually, you probably haven’t. However, your partner might have a problem with it, depending on how close your workstation is to the bedroom. I try to keep things as quiet as possible when my wife sleeps, but this mouse will make your clicking almost silent.

nexus silent mouse sm-8000

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Optimize Your Mouse: Tips For Making Mice Better

No matter what type of computer you use, a Mac, a PC, or a laptop, at some point in time, you’ll use a mouse. Ever since mice first appeared, and made popular by Apple almost 27 years ago, people have been using them to input information into their computers. Here are some tips and tricks that we’ve learned over the years to make this an easier and faster task.

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Skinput Uses Your Skin As An Input Device

CMU researcher Chris Harrison’s Skinput is an amazing new technology. It’s a new interface concept that just makes sense, and to top it off, it’s also pretty darn cool. Input devices haven’t changed much in the last few decades. We still use mice and we still use keyboards. If Harrison has his way, we might just someday be using our own skin as an input device.

chris harrison skinput input device skin

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Gesture Cube Offers Next-Gen User Interface

It seems like we’ve been using keyboards and mice for decades now (and yes, we have). Will there ever be a better way to interact with a computer? Probably, and you can bet that it will probably be touch or motion sensor-based.


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