The Tale of Mice of a Different Tail

080511_rg_UnusualMice_01.jpgWhile there are a few touch-based input devices available for PCs and desktop computers, most users still rely on the tried and true mouse. Productivity and physical health can greatly depend upon having the right mouse in hand configured correctly. But sometimes you also want a mouse that just looks different…a whole lot of different.

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Mobee Inductive Tech: Charging Apple Gear Wirelessly

041311_rg_MobeeInductiveChargers_01.jpgWhen they were released, it was kind of surprising to find out that the Apple Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse didn’t come with rechargeable batteries. While Apple does have some rechargeable batteries (they are rebranded Sanyo Eneloops) we’ve been trying to find a better solution to charging our devices up. In comes Mobee with their inductive chargers and the newly released Magic Bar, which will charge your Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

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Roundup: Top Five Alternative Keyboards


Since the first computer was booted, we’ve been using keyboards to input data. For most of us, they remain the one and only way to input info quickly and reliably, but they haven’t changed much in their form factor. They still use little keys that we clack, clack, clack our way through the day. Well, keys may soon be obsolete…

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