Elecom M-TP01DS Wireless Touchpad


Elecom has just introduced their all new wireless touchpad. This Elecom touchpad is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows RT computers and tablets, but not Android devices.

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Celluon Evomouse Turns Any Surface Into a Virtual Trackpad

While it might look cute, Celluon‘s Evomouse is actually pretty useful. The dog-like device uses an IR sensor to track your finger movements, turning any flat surface into a virtual trackpad, yearning to replace your mouse.

celluon evomouse input device computing ir sensor

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S.N.A.K. Facebook Keyboard: For People Totally Addicted to Facebook

This strangely-named keyboard, the S.N.A.K., which stands for Social Network Access Keyboard, has got way too many Facebook logos for my taste, and ultimately it does look like a Dynex Multimedia Keyboard with some stickers on it, but hey, if you love Facebook and social networking, this might be right up your alley.

facebook s.n.a.k. keyboard multimedia computer input

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Moody Keypad Puts Emoticons at Your Fingertips

In an effort to allow your grandma to finally grasp the concept of emoticons, Lavatelli will soon release the Emoticon Keypad. USB junk and/or crap-gadget? Yes, I do believe so.


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Microsoft Touch Mouse Will Bring Easy Multitouch to PCs

010711_rg_MSTouchMouse_01.jpgWell, it’s taken quite a while, but finally, Microsoft will release its Touch Mouse, their variant of Apple’s Magic Mouse. As many Mac users have noticed over the last 14 months, the Magic Mouse is not without its faults. It begs the question: will Microsoft’s PC Touch Mouse solve these problems, or simply create new ones?

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trulyergonomic keyboard claims to be a revolution

While I’ve been touch-typing for years, sometimes as fast as a secretary, I’ve never tried any of the so-called ergonomic keyboards out there. Supposedly they will make you type faster and reduce some of the stress on your wrists. TrulyErgonomic claims their new keyboard is “revolutionary” and “a major update to the computer keyboard.” Is it really? Only time will tell.

trulyergonomic keyboard design peripheral computing
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Delete Button Street Ads and Keyboard Bags: Turning Up Everywhere

050409_rg_delete_button_and_bags_01.jpgIt’s funny to see how ubiquitous keyboards have become. We see them everywhere. They are the fastest way to enter data into a computer. For the time being, they will remain that way, since using your voice has never really worked well with electronics. Plus, just thinking about things doesn’t make them appear on your computer screen. It’s been proven that some touch-typists actually type faster than they can think. This isn’t actually true. They can type faster than compose text in their heads, which ends up being almost the same thing.

The Ring Mouse: The One Mouse to Rule All Mice

What would happen if you combined a ring with a mouse? That’s not something that you would usually ask yourself, but in the field of input devices, engineers and designers are always trying to come up with new ways of interacting with computers. The Ring Mouse is one of the latest creations. It’s a small mouse that you put on your index finger.

Nova Slider X600: The Mouse That Does Gaming and Design


One thing that we have realized, is that a good gaming mouse makes a great design mouse. Gaming mice are usually more precise, have less lag, and perform faster than regular mice. Also, the best are usually tethered to the computer via a cable. The thing is that the Nova Slider X600 isn’t only tethered to your computer, it’s also tethered to a recommended mouse pad, one of the cornerstone products for the French company.

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Movea Gyration Air Mouse: No Mousemat Needed

After coming out with their Air Media Remote a little while ago, Movea has recently launched a new Air Mouse. What’s interesting is that this new mouse doesn’t need a mousemat or any surface to function, which is really cool. This means that it can be the perfect mouse for that media center computer you have hanging around in your living room, connected to your home theater setup.