MIRAGE Substitutional Reality System: One Step Closer to Total Recall

This “substitutional reality system” was developed by the Japanese Laboratory for Adaptive Intelligence at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute. It was created to fuse performance art with perceived reality for its wearer. While it’s doesn’t produce the sort of directly implanted memories seen in Total Recall, the visual and audio portions are immersive enough to trick your mind anyhow.

mirage substitional augmented reality japan

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iPad Controls LED Wall Art

Sure, you can put some art on your wall, but how about putting up some LED wall art that’s controlled via your iPad? That’s exactly what Greg Friedland did and I have to say that the results are pretty cool. It’s definitely a nice way of filling up an empty wall in an apartment.

greg friedland aurora led wall art

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Totoya Creatures iPad/iPhone Cases Make Gadgets Even More Kid-Friendly

We all know that kids love iPads and iPhones. They love the games, the touch-based OS and basically it’s impossible to get your iDevice back when it gets into the hands of a toddler. The Totoya Creatures cases are meant to house your iPhone or iPad and encourage your kids to play with them even more.

totoya creature cases

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Starry Night Interactive App Hits iPad

Remember that gorgeous Interactive Starry Night? It certainly put a high tech spin on one of Van Gogh’s most inspiring works. It’s one of my favorite pieces of art, especially the wind. Initially, I wondered if the guy who made it would release it for other platforms so that more people could enjoy it. I guess the crowd’s clamor won, as it was just released for iOS.

interactive starry night

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ExoPC EXOdesk: Like a Personal Microsoft Surface, But a Lot More Affordable

ExoPC just released a teaser about their EXOdesk, which looks like a Microsoft Surface that everyone can use, without breaking the bank. The desk will debut at CES 2012, but there is already a buzz starting about it.

exopc exodesk pc surface microsoft desk interactive

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TweetingSeat: Sit on It! (and Tweet)

I’ve heard of tweeting objects before, like a tweeting cat door and the tweeting scale, but this is the first time that I’ve seen a tweeting bench. The TweetingSeat was created by designer Christopher McNicholl. The bench creates logs of its usage (must be very pertinent information), takes photos of people who sit on it, and tweets about it over at its dedicated Twitter feed @TweetingSeat.

tweetingseat christopher mcnicholl twitter tweets bench tech interactive

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QinetiQ Interactive Photography

An interactive photograph that tells a neat and sexy story. NSFW
An interactive photograph that tells a neat and sexy story. NSFW

This is a really neat little assemblage that includes different photos that have been put together in some way to tell a story of some sorts. Click’em all to see what happens. (via designyoutrust)