Augmented Reality Glasses Are The New Interface: The Matrix Is Here

Augmented reality systems promise to populate the world with information, viewable through special glasses. While most people are waiting to see what pops out of Google Glass, there are many other companies working on these systems.

meta ar glasses virtual tracking camera photo

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Sony SmartWatch: Look Ma, No Hands on My Smartphone

For a moment, I thought that this might be another concept design, but it isn’t. The Sony SmartWatch is a real product – an Android-powered watch that will allow you to use your smartphone even when it’s sitting in your pocket.

sony smartwatch bluetooth

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Mitsubishi EMIRAI Dashboard: When Can I Have it in My Car?

I’m pretty excited about the design of Mitsubishi’s futuristic EMIRAI dashboard concept. Although I have a few problems with the way that they designed the new steering wheel – for me a steering wheel needs to be an oval or a complete circle – the rest of the design looks pretty cool.

emirai dashboard japan mitsubishi car design future

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All You Need to Know About the New Gmail Interface

110211_rg_GmailInterface_01.jpgHTML5? Elastic density? If you’re confused, check out what we’ve managed to discover about Google’s new Gmail interface. Not only did they revamp Google Reader interface, but Gmail just got a facelift and you can test it right now. Is it better or worse, tell us in the comments!

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Using a Touchscreen Through Your Pocket Made Possible by Microsoft PocketTouch

Have you ever needed to use your phone inside you pocket? I haven’t, but I’m sure it could be useful in some situations. New technology from Microsoft Research could allow you to use a touchscreen through fabric. The system is called PocketTouch and yes, you can now use your smartphone from the outside of your pocket.

microsoft pockettouch touchscreen future tech

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Disposable Touch Paper Interface: the Way of the Future?

If you ever got a chance to watch the short-lived Caprica, they had a technology just like this. Now, it looks like smart paper could soon be upon us, as the Japanese have come up with some interesting research using paper as a touchscreen. Yes, that’s right, run of the mill paper can serve as a touch-based interface. What will they think of next?

smart paper japanese touch interface japan keio

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Microsoft Kinect Hacked Into Computer Gesture Interface

I’ve been thinking about computer interfaces for a while, and I was pleasantly surprised that Microsoft is embracing the hacking of the Kinect, instead of shunning it. The latest hack includes using the Kinect as an interface for your computer. Think about it, you could do air swipes and program complex gestures since the Kinect has so many IR spots to map what it sees.

microsoft kinect video games windows 7 hack interface

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Strange Concepts: Cryptex Mobile


With all this hype about the iPhone 3G, what happens if you weren’t able to get one last week? The iPhone 3G is pretty much sold out everywhere you look, however we found this phone really interesting. Don’t worry, this isn’t about another those so-called “iPhone killer” phones, just a new approach to something that we all use everyday.

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A Fresh Idea for Desktop Management


Information and files can be easily misplaced on our gigantic hard drives. Who among us hasn’t lost a file or searched for one buried deeply in different drives and folders?

Currently, computer file management systems force users to store files hierarchically in folders. Project get buried deeper and deeper without providing any visual clues on how to find them. The Slice computing system is a concept that seeks to change this. Organically inspired from a need to organize and interact with information, it enables users to physically interact with information, by interacting with the slice…

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His fingers danced across the keyboard like it was a piano, quickly and deftly, finding purchase rightly each time. Blazingly fast, he typed commands and words into his editors and command prompts.

By far, his typing was a lot faster than his talking. It seemed to most that he used this as a crutch, a digital crutch at least. He had once measured it with some typing software, the result was much faster than most secretaries, which surprised him. The trick was to learn to type without looking at the keyboard. This was hard to learn in the beginning but became almost second nature to him.

At his death, he wished to be buried with his cordless keyboard, the only real interface that he had known. Pristine and serene, used and abused.