Antimagnet Cloak Hides Objects from Static Magnetic Fields


Researchers in the journal Science have reported that they can now create a cloak that hides objects from static magnetic fields. There are a multitude of different applications, but some might subvert airport security.

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Scientists Make 3D Objects Invisible to Microwave Wavelengths


After years of progress, scientists are now coming closer and closer to making real-world objects disappear from view. Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin have made a three-dimensional object disappear from view, from any angle, at microwave wavelengths.

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Time Cloak Creates Hole in Time, Makes Events Disappear

Time Cloak Creates Hole in Time

The General Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein implies that gravity can cause time to slow down. Scientists have now shown that there is a way to stop time altogether; or maybe more accurately, to give the appearance that time has stopped by bending light around events to create a hole in time.

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