Xeni Jardin & Her iPad

iPad mania is about to hit the world, and Xeni Jardin managed to snag a press-released iPad. Her write-up is interesting, though it doesn’t make me interested in the iPad. Much more than the iPhone, the iPad is a vehicle for consuming media. It’s a genius device by Apple, especially in the digital age. It allows content creators, like publishers and software producers, to still get paid for what they create. I obviously find that it’s something for users and I can’t see myself spending money on eBooks and apps from the app store.

Think about it for a moment. There’s the initial cost of the device, plus 3G service that you have to pay for every month. Then there are all of the apps, books, and media that you will consume, which will be added on top of that.

We’ve actually got a MacBook Pro in our home, and we’ll probably be adding another MacBook Pro this year. But we won’t be adding an iPad anytime soon.

What about you guys? Are you going to get an iPad? Frankly, I’ll get a MacBook Pro 17, which will be a lot more useful. The NY Times has got their own review up already.

Do I want a giant iPod Touch?

Nope, because I actually got an iPod Classic when there were iPod Touches on the market.


More storage. At the time, January 2008, it had 160GB of storage, which was almost enough for me to put on all of my music.

Hack Your MSI Wind Netbook Into An Ipad

Well, that’s not exactly true. We’ve uncovered a hack that allows enterprising DIY enthusiasts to transform their old MSI netbook into a tablet. With over 120,000 iPad pre-ordered on the first day, there are a lot of people waiting for their iPad, which is why we thought that this was pretty interesting.

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iPad Fail: Will The iPad Jokes Ever Stop? Probably Never

I don’t know what is funnier. The actual name of the iPad or this Photoshopped image of another theoretical iPad box. When I saw this image, I had to find out more about it.

ipad fail photoshop apple mac device mobile

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iMaxi: The Apple iPad Maxipad Case!

After the whole iPad naming fiasco, we all knew that it wouldn’t take long for some more maxi-pad humor to come our way. Here it is: the iMaxi, the apple iPad case with maxi wings!

imaxi hiphandmaids ipad apple mac sleeve case

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Turf War At The New York Times

Internal politicking has taken over who will control the iPad-version of the New York Times. The publishing side wants $30/month while the digital content side wants $10/month. Personally, I like having it free or not at all, thank you very much. {via typefiend}

The Great Wall Of iPads

Even though the iPad was just announced, there are already plenty of concepts emerging that could take advantage of the device. This one is somewhat interesting, but dubious. It’s basically a huge display made from a bunch of refurbished/recycled iPads. (Once there are refurbished/recycled iPads to be had.)

ipad wall design refurbished

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Never Dupe Your Readers

Mike Davidson, CEO of Newsvine, chimes in on Jason Calacanis’ stunt last week about the iPad fiasco. If you weren’t aware of it, Calacanis spouted some BS about having been given an iPad and flaunting its features. This was all bull and later he revealed to everyone that it was just a “silly joke” and that everyone who believed him was “an idiot”.

Mike Industries is currently down. I had to harvest the feed of the blog in order to read the post.

I used Newsvine when it started but became rapidly frustrated with the site and abandoned it. I’d rather work on my own content on my own sites.

iPad: The Maxipad Of Tablets

The back of the iPad

Apple had their must touted event yesterday which launched their unfortunately named tablet onto the masses. I can appreciate good design and great products, though I’m not an Apple fan-boy.

Let’s get one thing straight. You won’t be using your iPad to game. You’ll be trying to pass the time while you’re on public transport or something like that and you’ll be playing some games, though no Flash games, which makes this a bit annoying.

No flash=no Hulu

That’s a pretty bad equality to start out with.

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