TAT7 Waterproof Case: Take Your iPhone Swimming, Surfing, or Skiing

Whether it’s to take your iPhone scuba diving, into the bathtub or just into the pool, the TAT7 Case will protect your precious phone from damage underwater. It’s an interesting case, that has some uses, especially if you live near the beach or like to go up the slopes to ski or snowboard.

tat7 iphone case 1

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Material 6 Wooden iPhone Back Panel: Wood Beats Plastic Every Time

While there are a plethora of different options if you want to customize your iPhone, I have to say that these wooden backs are definitely stylish, since they’re not just veneered stickers. Stickers are cool, but this bit of customization with the wood makes your iPhone different from most of the others around you – except for those who bought one of the other wooden iPhone backs on the market.

material 6 wood iphone back 01

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Cukui Wooden iPhone Backplate Takes Your iPhone Back to Nature

If you’ve gotten tired of your iPhone 4′s or 4S’ minimal glass back, then check out Cukui’s wooden backplate, which will surely jazz things up a bit. Just like other backplates, it’s a great alternative to a case to get that custom look you’ve desired.

cukui wood backplate iphone koa 01

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iPhone Brick Protective Case: In Case You Want to Brick Your Phone

Maybe it’s because they’re both sort of geeky, but I think that LEGOs and iPhones go well together. I suppose that is why Brando has just released these LEGO-inspired cases that will work with the iPhone 4 and 4S. The only problem is that you can’t accessorize your case by adding more LEGO bricks.

brando LEGO brick iPhone case rubber silicone

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iPhone Lens Dial Case: Ugly and Expensive, Still Cool for iPhone Camera Addicts

If you thought that the Holga Lens Filters were cool, but not enough, then you’ll probably like this lens dial, which comes with three even bigger lenses that should help you to take even better photos with your iPhone.

iphone 4 4s lens dial photojojo attachment photo camera

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Killspencer iPhone Zebrawood Veil: Wood Looks Good

This isn’t really a case, but it’s a back that can be added to your iPhone, to protect it and to make it look different from all of the other iPhones. Killspencer’s Zebrawood Veil looks pretty handsome, since it’s trimmed to precisely line up with the back of your phone.

killspencer veil back wood iphone 4

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Miniwiz Re-Case: Sustainable iPhone 4/4S Case Made from Trash

There are sustainable products, and then there are products that are made from recycled trash. The Miniwiz Re-Case is touted as being 100% made out of trash, which is amazing. The case is made from agricultural waste that stems from rice, which has been added to post-consumer thermo-plastics.

re-case miniwiz sustainable trash rice paper case iphone 4 4s

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Eton Mobius Solar iPhone Charging Case: Juice Up with the Sun

Eton has plenty of solar-powered devices and green solutions in their product lineup, but the Mobius case for the iPhone 4 allows you charge up your phone by using the sun, without having to carry around an external charger. Eton was able to streamline the design, so it’s not clunky.


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iPhone 4 DSLR Lens Mount: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Yep, I know all about how popular the iPhone has become to snap everyday photos. Now you can take it to the next level by getting this iPhone 4 lens mount, which will allow you to mount your favorite Canon or Nikon DSLR lenses onto your precious iPhone.

dslr lens mount canon nikon iphone 4 photojojo

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Steve Jobs Frozen in Carbonite iPhone Skin: Who Will Unfreeze Him?

The amazing iPhone skin by Greg Koenig shows Apple CEO frozen in carbonite, just like Han Solo was on Bespin by Lord Vader to test out their carbon freezing facilities before trying to use them on Luke Skywalker.

steve jobs carbonite star wars iphone 4 society 6 skin

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