Mod-3 Radius Aluminum iPhone 5 Case


The Mod-3 Radius Aluminum iPhone 5 Case is a case was designed to protect your expesencsive iPhone 5, while letting its nature beauty shine through. The case features aluminum corner modules, which are assembled into an X-frame that holds them all together. The components are slightly beveled, allowing users to place down the phone on flat surfaces and they won’t interfere with the antenna.

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iPhone 5 to Sport 19-Pin Dock Connector?

I’m already avoiding the purchase of new iPhone accessories, other than cases, in preparation for the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone, as there continue to be rumors that Apple’s new dock connector will be a 19-pin port instead of the long-standing universal iOS 30-pin port.

new iphone 19 pin dock connector

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Transparent iPhone 5 Concept: Now You See Me Now You Don’t!

There’s something to be said about transparency. Remember a while back, they tried to make transparent cola and beer? Well I have to say that this transparent iPhone 5 concept looks pretty sweet. I wouldn’t mind if the next iPhone looked like this, however improbable that may be.

transparent iphone concept

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