Audman Dock Turns iPhone into Walkman

The Audman is a Kickstarter project that is trying to bring back some retro-styling to the iPhone and iPod Touch. I’ll admit that plugging in your iPhone into the dock looks exactly like when you put a cassette into a Walkman, but there’s something strange about leaving it in there for long periods of time.


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Steampunk iPhone Dock and Handset: The Past is Calling, Will You Accept the Charges?

Remember that minimal Bluetooth handset? Well it looks like Woodguy32 has decided to put his own spin on the whole iPhone handset thing, with this steampunk-inspired dock. Except for the handset, most of this thing is made out of oak wood and brass, which is good, and it’s also really nice and retro.

woodguy steampunk dock ipod iphone touch retro wood

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Soundfreaq Ghost Sound Platform: The (iPhone) Friendliest Ghost You Know

What is it about characters that are named Ghost that works so well? I liked Ghost in The Matrix and Matrix games, the direwolf named Ghost in A Game of Thrones, and there are probably other instances of this name working well. This time around, Soundfreaq’s new dock now comes available in a white version, perfect to match your white iPhone 4 or white iPad 2. And naturally, they smartly named it Ghost.

soundfreaq sound platform dock iphone ipod touch sfq-01 white ghost

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Kogeto’s Dot Panoramic iPhone Lens: i360 Degrees

Many people are using their iPhones as their go-to point-and-shoot camera. It’s normal then that we’ve seen a few different lens add-ons. Taking a slightly different design approach from the previously announced GoPano micro lens, the Dot lens is supposed to be able to snatch impressive 360-degree panoramic videos.

kogeto dot lens add-on panorama iphone ipod touch

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Monsta and Waddler iPhone 4 Cases Set You Strangely Apart

While I don’t think that these would go well with a business suit, these cases from Case-Mate are quite unique. These iPhone 4 cases will set your phone apart from all of the rest, and that can be good or bad. Both of these cases, the Waddler and the Monsta, are available in a variety of colors.

case-mate creatures monsta waddler iphone 4 ipod touch apple case

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Should You Jailbreak Your iDevice?

032311_rg_JailbreakingiDevice_01.jpgJailbreaking: the term itself reminds us of the show Prison Break and escaped convicts for obvious reasons. Jailbreaking, the process that allows iOS users to run any code on their devices, as opposed to only that code authorized by Apple out of the box, is an option for all iDevices, including iPod Touches, iPhones, iPads and even Apple TV. But should you do it? Jailbreaking will allow you to unlock all of those goodies that Apple doesn’t want you to have access to, but there are some caveats. Here are some pros and cons that come with making a prison break….

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Elmo and Cookie Monster iPhone and iPad Cases: Cuteness Overload?

What can I say? I don’t think I’d ever use Sesame Street iDevice gear, but I can imagine quite a few adults who will use this because it’s cute and it reminds them of their childhood.

sesame street cookie monster elmo cases ipod iphone ipad cover

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