Leica M8 Review

This is a thorough review written by Michael Kamber,  a freelance photojournalist who spent time in war zones covering them for the NYT.

That being said, I have found the Leica M8 to be unreliable, poorly designed, and to deliver substandard results in most of the situations in which I have used it.  I can’t think of any camera–or for that matter any electronic device I have recently used–that so thoroughly fails to live up to its potential and its heritage.

{via Craig Mod}

Attacks Rock Baghad

At least 95 people are dead and 563 are wounded in a series of attacks that rocked Baghdad.

Jason P. Howe

I learned of Jason P. Howe after reading this article on the Independent. His conflict pictures are amazing. His book Colombia: Between the Lines is coming out this spring. It’s mentioned that his book will be turned into a Hollywood movie.