African Fruit Gets Iridescent Hue from Cell Structure, Stays Intense for Years


The fruits of Pollia condensata, which are found predominantly in Africa, have an iridescent hue that stays intense for years after the parent plant has perished. The fruit’s metallic blue hue is produced by specialized structures in its cells.

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Iridescent Butterfly Wing Properties to Lead to Better Thermal Imaging Cameras


Researchers studying the iridescent properties of butterfly wings think that this could help engineers develop temperature sensors that are smaller and faster. This technology could work without the need for cumbersome cooling techniques, something that has always been needed in thermal imaging and medical diagnostics.

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Blind Golden Moles Have a Blue-Green Iridescent Sheen, a Rare Example in Mammals


Golden moles, mammals forming the family of Chrysochloridae, which taxonomically is distinct from true moles but to which they resemble due to species convergence, are a small, insectivorous family of burrowing mammals native to southern Africa. It was recently discovered that they have a blue green sheen to their coats, which is a rare example of iridescence in mammals.

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