Gorgeous Apple Home Office Configurations From Istanbul

When we first noticed these workstations, we were pretty surprised at how much tech was displayed. What’s even more surprising was that they all belong to the same person, a dentist from Istanbul, and she enjoys going through different configurations in order to set up the perfect home office.

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Assassination Of Hamas Leader Bears Hallmarks Of A Meticulously Planned Operation

Although Israel hasn’t claimed credit, and probably never will, a meticulously planned hit took place in Dubai a few weeks ago. Investigators have started to place clues together, thanks to CCTV coverage, but when the body was discovered, the assassins were thousands of miles away.

Rachel Papo

Interesting series of photos by Rachel Papo, an Israeli photographer who tells the tale of obligatary military duty by women in Israel. Everyone must serve two years, from 18-20, in the military. She went back to military bases fifteen years after her own military service ended to take photos.

ThePirateBay Moves Servers To Egypt

ThePirateBay has moved their torrent indexing servers to Egypt, Saudi-Arabia and Israel due to impeding EU legislation that came into effect today. (smells like an April Fools’ Day to me)

Avraham Trahtman Solves Road Coloring Problem

Israeli mathematician Avraham Trahtman solves the Road Coloring Problem. Mathematicians have been working on it since 1970. My rudimentary explanation of the problem and its proof. (Here is a link to the proof in PDF version)

Israeli Blogger Spies

Four spies from the Shin Bet, the Israeli arm of foreign intelligence, blog about their daily lives. (Hebrew, no translation, French article on the blogs)