Anil Dash on Google’s MS Moment

Anil Dash comments on Google’s Microsoft moment since they are going to have multiple competing products lines, ie Android vs Chrome OS.

This is, for lack of a better term, Google’s “Microsoft Moment”. This is the point when the difference between their internal conception of the company starts to diverge just a bit too far from the public perception of the company, and even starts to diverge from reality. At this inflection point, the reasons for doing new things at Google start to change.

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Linux Quotes Heard in My Apartment

[Mac OS] C’est moins attardé que Linux, ça va marcher!
[Mac OS] It’s less imbecile than Linux, it will work…

Linux, c’est pour les pauvres!
Linux is for poor people… (since it’s an open source product and there are not enough professional debugging teams debugging code. Users end up being beta testers)


The Distance Paradox

If telecommuting is so easy, why do we travel for work more than ever?

Starling And Asynchrous Tasks In Ruby On Rails

Starling and asynchrous tasks in Ruby on Rails.