2011 Colnago C59 Italia

Colnago C59

This year, the Colnago-sponsored pro teams on the Tour de France are riding the Colnago C59. Bike Radar just showed a few photos of it.

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JR’s 464 Pinarello Dogma

Front end of the bike, with the Pinarello logo

This is the second Pinarello Dogma that we’ve sold in one weekend. It took some time for us to receive this bike from our warehouse since it arrived during the Taipei International Cycle Show, but it was well worth the wait.

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2010 Colnago EPS

2010 Colnago EPS

After having spent some time on the 2010 Pinarello Dogma, it’s time to spend some time on the new 2010 Colnago EPS. The big difference between these top of the line frames is that the Colnago is a lugged carbon fiber frame, meaning that it employs a lugged design in its frame construction.

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A Colnago Misadventure

The following testimonial of a Colnago frame buyer makes me weary of ordering a frame from a factory. I’ve long had the policy of only buying what I can see and inspect. This isn’t true for smaller items, but it is true for a bicycle frame. I’d rather inspect and touch it before I fork over a lot of money.