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  • Spectre Review – James Bond 24

    As I exited the IMAX theater, I left with mixed feelings about this James Bond movie. In my memory, Skyfall was a great James Bond movie, that I liked a lot. Casino Royale was also very good. Quantum of Solace was OK, but still not as bad as this.

  • Dr House & Dr No

    Giving him a computer is like giving plutonium to Dr. No. Wilson about House in House S06E14 5 to 9

  • Ian Fleming’s Pseudo-Haiku

    You only live twice Once when you’re born And once when you look death in the face

  • Another Way to Die

    I like the Jack White & Alicia Keys song for the new James Bond movie, Another Way to Die. The first time I listened to it, I had some bad flashbacks about Madonna’s horrible song for Die Another Day, but it was short. I’ve listened to Another Way to Die quite a few times and…

  • Aronosfky Hired To Direct Robocop And A Few Other Thoughts

    MGM has hired Darren Aronosfky to direct the new Robocop movie, which will come out in 2010. It’s going to be a reboot/remake, not a next installment in the franchise. David Self will write the screenplay. I’d just like to say that Robocop was an extraordinary movie. When Criterion adds a movie to their collection,…

  • Quantum Of Solace HD Trailer

    The trailer for the next Bond film, Quantum of Solace, with Daniel Craig, out in theatres in November 2008.