Nike Lebron X Custom Jaded Hulk Sneakers: HULK SMASH!

If you haven’t tried on some Nike LeBron X, then you’re missing out on some super-comfortable shoes. That being said, if you’re looking for something unique, and Nike ID doesn’t do it for you, check out these customs. They are quite amazing.

nike lebron x jaded hulk custom

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Breakfast-Making Robots: Short Circuit Cooks

If you’re like me, you’d love some robot to prepare your breakfast, kind of like those crazy machines from Back to the Future. While today’s robots are certainly smarter than Doc Brown’s jury-rigged breakfast maker, you might wonder how good the robot breakfast will be. From what I can see, robot butlers and maids aren’t too far off.

germany munich tum robots breakfast james rosie cooking

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Ingri:Dahl “James” 3D Glasses: Looking Good in 3D

While I have to admit that I do think that the whole 3D trend is sort of over, these fashionable glasses from a pair of Norwegian twins are certainly less ugly than the ones we’re used to at movie theaters. The Ingri:Dahl James 3D glasses look like normal glasses, which is kind of cool.

ingri dahl paulsen einy kine glasses 3d fashion geek wear

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