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Japanese Robot Mimics Complex Calligraphy

It takes years for a person to learn how to write Japanese or Chinese characters. There’s good news though. Robots can do it a lot quicker. A research group has developed a ‘bot that can identify and mimic detailed brush strokes that are required to write these kinds of characters.

japanese calligraphy robot

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Final Audio Muramasa VIII Headphones Cost as Much as a Used Car

Recently, I’ve been contemplating a pair of $1500 Sennheiser HD800s, but those cost but a fraction of Final Audio’s ultimate headphones, which will set you back a cool 8 grand. But if you like the words handmade and Japanese, you’ll probably covet these cans.

final audio muramasa 01

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QR Code Super Mario: Unscannable Plumber

From time to time, you come across interesting images on the web, and sometimes, it’s not easy to figure out nthe story behind them. I spotted this QR Code Super Mario on this Spanish website, and which led me to find out it was created by one Mr. Kuwahara. Unfortunately, that’s about where the story ends.

qr code super mario kuwahara

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East And West Cultural Differences

Some more differences between Easterners and Westerners.

American Police

What the Japanese think about the American police forces

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