Jared’s Clean Workstation: One Year Later

120111_rg_JaredSchmidUpdate_01.jpgWe featured Jared’s setup about a year ago here at Unplggd, and we liked how he organized the lighting of his desk. Instead of using LED strips, he actually used some spots to light up his frosted glass desk. It gave off a nice diffuse glow, which is something we yearn for when we spend hours typing away at our workstations.

Jared’s Updated Graceful Workstation

010611_rg_JaredUpdated_01.jpgWe last mentioned Jared’s workstation a few months ago. His workstation set itself apart thanks to a dramatic lighting idea. Now, Jared has updated his workstation with more wood and a brand new iMac.

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Jared’s Über-Clean & Mostly Cordless Workstation

This super clean desktop was created by Jared Schmidt and he was able to get rid of most of the pesky wires. His desk also has this dramatic lighting, which is really interesting and gives the whole workstation a nice diffuse glow. How was it done? Read more to find out.

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