Beyond Jambox: Affordable Portable Audio Options

100212_rg_JamboxAlternatives_01.jpgThe Jawbone JAMBOX is a top aesthete’s choice for a portable wireless speaker, but the price tag makes it a bit of a splurge rather than impulse purchase. Sure, the sound is decent for a speaker of its size, but there are a few affordable alternatives that are equally portable and nearly as eye-catching… More

Jawbone JAMBOX Remix: Same Tech But Tons of Colors

It’s hard not to like the Jawbone JAMBOX, but if you’re the kind of person who likes their tech to be customized, the new JAMBOX Remix might be just for you. With the launch of Remix, the JAMBOX is now available in over 100 different colors combinations.

jambox jawbone the remix bluetooth speaker

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Jawbone Big Jambox Speaker: The Jambox Grows Up

If the diminutive Jambox is too small for your amplifying tastes, then check out the Big Jambox that Jawbone just released. It’s basically the same as the Jambox, except that it’s bigger. It’s still wireless and will work with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

big jambox 1

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Nike+ FuelBand: A Jawbone UP That Actually Works?

I was pretty happy that I held off purchasing a Jawbone UP wristband because users have reported massive failures. Since then, Jawbone has had to offer full refunds to anyone who made a claim. The Nike FuelBand reminds me of the UP, but unlike the UP it might actually work. Plus, it looks much cooler.

nike fuelband 01

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Hacking the Jawbone UP For Rubber-Less Comfort

112511_rg_JawboneUPHack_01.jpgThe Jawbone UP was recently released, and many of us have a need for a device like this. While it’s not the first of its kind, it’s quite convenient to use and it looks quite fetching, which is probably why it’s doing so well. The one thing that we’ve noticed is that it could be more comfortable. Here’s how you can make yours a lot more comfortable.

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Jawbone Up Wellness Wristband Knows if You’ve Been Sleeping, and Knows When You’re Awake

Up is a new health and wellness gadget from Jawbone, which uses hardware and software to track your eating and sleeping habits, as well as your movements. It’s the same size as those rubber straps that people wear, and it contains enough sensors to track all of the relevant info. The Up app will help collect the data and display it.

jawbone up wristband health tech monitor app

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