Jellyfish-Inspired Microchip Can Be Used to Capture Cancer Cells


Scientists have built a jellyfish-inspired microchip that can capture cancer and other rare cells in human blood.

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Robojelly Underwater ‘Bot Powered by Hydrogen: Hopefully it Won’t Explode!

Didn’t I see something like this in an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars? This automaton kind of looks like an alien, but that’s because it’s based upon a jellyfish. That’s not the only surprising thing about this ‘bot. It’s also powered by hydrogen.

robojelly underwater jellyfish robot

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Jellyfish Bloom in Marine Ecologies As Ocean Health Declines


Last year, surfers were surprised at the amount of stinging moon jellyfish, some of which reached the size of bicycle wheels, which washed towards shore in Florida. The swarms of blobs grew so quickly that they forced a Florida nuclear plant to shut down temporarily because operators were concerned that the jellies would clog its water-intake pipes.

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Yantouch’s Jellyfish LED Light Wows With Touch Interface

010710_rg_Jellyfishlamp_01.jpgHere at Unplggd, we’ve got a thing for lights that change the whole ambiance of the room. The Jellyfish is no exception. It’s also touch-based, which is kind of cool.

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