Re-Timer: The Stylish, Non-All Nighter Way of Overcoming Jet Lag

Anyone who’s experienced intercontinental jet lag will tell you that it really messes you up. My personal system involves doing an all-nighter the night before I get onto a plane, so that I crash when I land. These goggles might help me actually get more sleep and do away with this all-nighter foolishness.

re timer in situ

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Jet Lag Is Terminal

A great article on jet lag in the modern age. (via kottke)

Singing Things

On the flight over, I was sure that I heard the plane singing to me. It was strange, but I’ve had things sing to me before. There is a piece of highway between Ottawa and Montreal that used to sing to me for a few kilometers.

I was tired. When the mind is really tired, strange things start to happen. Hallucinations, visual and auditory are possible. This has happened to me before. I did an experiment during which I stayed awake for 56 hours straight. I had hallucinations then as well.