LED Crystal Earrings: You Light up My Lobes

These days, they can put LEDs in pretty much anything, but I have to say that I didn’t think that stud earrings were big enough. I guess I was wrong, because these LED earrings will allow you to start flashing like a Christmas tree, no matter where you are.

led crystal earrings light

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USB Bracelet: Never Lose a Flash Drive Again

If there’s one thing that I’ve lost a lot of over the years, it’s USB flash drives. From people just taking them, to just losing them because of their diminutive size, USB drives need to be replaced at rapid rate. However, if you had a USB drive hidden in your bracelet, you’d probably be less likely to misplace it.

usb bracelet bynordvik

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Adafruit iNecklace: Open Source Jewelry

Check out the iNecklace, which is actually a piece of jewelry that you could replicate if you really want to, but you can also buy one if you’d rather not make one yourself. The unique part of this piece is that it pulsates, kind of like what the LEDs on a Mac do.

inecklace cnc aluminum led apple mac adafruit open source

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Atari Joystick Jewelry Box: 8-Bit Fashion

While I don’t really need a jewelry box, I have to say that this one does look pretty awesome. It’s perfect for the retro gamer geek or geekette to store jewelry and other stuff that needs to be hidden away.

atari box wood jewelry retro video games

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Mia Van Beek Turns Children’s Art Into Jewelry

Have you ever looked at your child’s drawings and thought, wow that would make a cool brooch, necklace, or pendant? Well now you can send the art to Mia Van Beek and she’ll turn your child’s masterpiece into jewelry. There are many different options of materials, so the prices will reflect this. All in all, it’s pretty awesome for handmade jewelry.

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Ring Projector: Cool Wedding Ring, Or Pocket-Sized Bat-Signal?

These portrait projecting rings were made by the Bristol artist Luke Jerram for his wife. They were inspired by the Stanhope optical jewelry of the 19th century. Luke worked with a jeweler named Tamrakar so that this ring can project the embedded image onto a wall when a light source is applied.

projecting ring luke jerram wedding batman

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Space Invaders Silver Pendant: Wear An Alien Around Your Neck & Hope It Doesn’t Choke You to Death

What could be a better present for the geek or geekette in your life than this ultimate Space Invaders pendant? This pendant was designed by La Tête Au Cube, which roughly translates as your head cubed. The design collective collaborated with Christofle to make a new edition of the fan favorite, Space Invaders.

space invaders pendant jewelry gaming old school retro

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Steampunk Jewelry: Gears For Geeks

Naturally, these cool pieces of handmade jewelry aren’t for everyone, but the steampunk allure that maker Ricky Wolbrom injects into her designs is kind of amazing if you are into the retro-mechanical look.


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Kinekt Gear Ring: The Only Ring A Geek Would Ever Want

This unique creation looks to me like one cool ring, one of the rare rings that I’m actually interested in, other than the One ring to rule them all.


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Art Lebedev’s Punctirus Necklace And Bracelet: Cut & Paste Your Neck Or Wrist!

This great-looking  jewelry from Art Lebedev will let you give the impression of having the option of cutting off your head or hand!

art lebedev punctirus cut and paste necklace

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