Carrefour And Frogs

On Sunday, I went grocery shopping. I usually do this every week. Every week, I check out the different foods at the Carrefour, near Jianzicui MRT station.

I always get some fresh red tuna, either porc or chicken and veggies. I usually also get some blue cheese, Jarlsberg Extra Creamy Danish Blue Cheese (it’s a new addition to the Carrefour inventory) and other various groceries. I always stay away from the processed food aisles.

So there I was in the fresh fish aisle, trying to decide on another type of fish. I wanted to buy salmon, but I wasn’t going to pay $300NT (~10$) for a salmon steak that would only last a meal for two. I looked around and scrutinized the different fish types. I don’t know that much about fish, but I’m always willing to try new ones.

A man came up to me in his cart. He bumped into me, which I found extremely rude. I looked at him and he was kind of shouting at the fish ladies. He kept gesturing to his cart. I didn’t understand what he was saying, but he was conveying a sense of urgency. I continued looking at the fish. Then the man pulled out a few empty bags, which obviously must have contained some fish. He handed them over. A moment later, he pulled out two giant black frogs from his cart. I was surprised. He handed them over to the fish lady.

I guess that he was saying that the frogs escaped from their bag. She needed to do something about it. The fish lady took one frog and chopped its head off. Blood was squirting around her. That didn’t do the trick, because its body kept moving around. The other frog didn’t seem concerned and didn’t try to escape. She grabbed it and chopped it’s head off. I think that she was only partially successful. When she chopped, a whole lot of water or piss came out from the frog’s behind. It was an incedibly hilarious situation. I couldn’t help myself from laughing at the sheer craziness.

The frogs’ bodies kept moving and she submerged them in water. She then put them in another bag filled with water. That didn’t matter too much to the headless frogs. Their bodies were still moving after I had decided to buy some marlin steaks.