Interns as Gift

Ross Perlin gives his thoughts on internships. I have been a paid intern before, for 12 months or so. This was when I was studying computer science and it was part of the way the B.Sc was organized. You went to school year round and had paid internships. Many of us tried to get an internship in our home city, but that wasn’t always possible. I spent about a year in Montreal.

Ed Hamilton’s Google Maps CV

Ed Hamilton was an unemployed copy-writer, so he posted his CV on Google Maps, which promptly got him hired!

Job Search

Even though there are less teaching jobs in Taiwan, it didn’t take me long to find one. I have been only seriously looking for one for less than a week. What I really like is that it’s very close to my home. It’s a 2 min scooter drive or a 10 minute bike ride in my opinion. I start on Monday and this job will last most of the summer.

I’ve done something like 4 demos in the past week and this place had the most disciplined kids. They also spoke pretty good English for their age. I’m teaching Kindergarten and grade school buxiban classes. For some reason, schools seem more desperate. Does this mean that there are also less teachers? Wages haven’t really improved in a decade.

Cannondale Moving Production to Taiwan

Cannondale will move almost all of its bicycle production to Taiwan. That’s sad for the 200 workers that are going to lose their jobs, but there is no way that American manfacturers can compete with the ones oversees. The reason isn’t only the skills of the welders, but the cost of manufacturing. Skilled factory workers in America are well compensated. Who hasn’t heard about the stories of factory workers making $80,000 to $90,000 in the aeronautics business?

Then again, Canondale, just like Trek, is losing part of it’s identity to make more profits. Cannondale isn’t alone in this. Wilier and other manufacturers, like Kona, have outsourced their frames to Taiwan.

Taiwan Here I Come

My flights are booked and I arrive on Saturday in Taiwan.

It’s going to be a hectic few days in order to prepare everything, but I’m already almost set.

I’m not sure if I will try out couchsurfing or not. I’ve tried contacting a guy and we’ll see what happens. If I can’t set it up in time, I’ll have to leave in the early hours of Wednesday morning, around 3AM most likely. That way, I’m sure to arrive at 8AM to the TECO office in Ottawa.

I barely slept last night because I my flights weren’t confirmed and I hadn’t yet spoken to my boss in detail about my upcoming departure. Turns out that my flights were confirmed and my boss was really nice and guaranteed me a job when I come back in late August.

My wife has already found me a few little jobs in Taiwan, which is pretty sweet. I’ve sent out a few CVs, but I’m looking for sub work. Or full time employment during the summer.

Tomorrow, I’ll see if I can find a place on Allo-Stop. I doubt that it will work out. Most likely, I’ll use the bus and arrive in Ottawa at around 8PM.

If Couchsurfing doesn’t pan out, I’ll leave early Wednesday morning.

Teaching In Quebec

I was very surprised when I got jobs as a teacher in Quebec. I say jobs, because not one job can offer me the amount of hours per week that I need, which is about 15-20h. I took some good pictures of the Campanile.

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