Terminator T-800: Celebrate Skynet’s Arrival in Style

Like most geeks, you’ve probably acknowledged the passing of the day that Skynet became self-aware. Depending on the dates, it should have happened on April 19th, 2011, or worst case, on April 21st, Judgment Day. Needless to say, I hope that Skynet or any AI system plugged into defense systems remains unaware.

Whatever happened, you can commemorate the week Skynet did/didn’t become self-aware with this Terminator Endoskeleton Model T-800.

terminator endoskeleton t-800 model skynet judgement day

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Termination Dreams: Born to Run

Image via Wikipedia
Image via Wikipedia

I just finished watching the season finale of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It was an awesome way to finish the series. It was also an awesome way to finish the season.

Fox hasn’t renewed the series yet, so there’s a strong possibility that this will be it for Sarah Connor.

I really like how the liquid metal terminators form another faction in this future war. SkyNet isn’t united. Maybe this means that the humans and the liquid metal terminators have some sort of alliance. Weaver told John and Sarah that without John Henry, John wouldn’t be able to save the world. That makes sense. John would need some kind of a network to be able to destroy SkyNet. Without it, it would be hopeless.

It appears that John arrived after Judgement Day, meaning that Judgement Day has to happen. It makes total sense that neither Ellison nor Sarah stepped through the portal. Sarah can never go to the future, she will continue to try, unsuccessfully to stop Judgement Day.

With the next Terminator movie about to be released, there might be enough enthusiasm for this series to continue. The really interesting part is that if there is a next season, it will take place in the future. I’ve always said that the terminator franchise doesn’t spend enough time in the future. That’s what people want to see.

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