Jakob Got Fired From Jakob And Julia

Jakob Lodwick, founder of Vimeo, got fired from JakobandJulia.com.

Reblogging Julia Vs Julia Allison On ABC

Reblogging Julia vs Julia Allison are featured in an article on ABC News.

Reblogging Julia Vs Julia Allison

Julia Allison thinks she knows who is behind Reblogging Julia.

Becoming Julia Allison

Becoming Julia Allison on Mediabistro by Stephen Rodrick.

Reblogging Julia Interviewed By New York Times

I love Reblogging Julia. Julia Baugher was interviewed by the NYT.

A Nightmare Becomes Real

Julia Allison and her frenemies are going to do a reality TV show on NBC. God help us! Don’t forget, this is after she swore off blogging and all that stuff in the beginning of March. (via reblogjulia)

Julia Allison And Gawker’s Valentine

Nikola Tamindzic just posted an unreleased photo from last year’s infamous Gawker Valentine shoot. (NSFW)

Julia Allison Media Kryptonite

Julia Allison is media kryptonite! (via rbjulia)

More Julia Allison

More on Julia Allison. After closing her blog today and viewing this by Feldman, I’m sure she’ll get all of the attention that she desires. I thought the whole lip dub BS that she was doing totally sucked ass, but that’s just me. Maybe people actually like that kind of shit.