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Big Brother S12E30 (CBS)

Hayden and Lane are wearing Bra-gade t-shirts. That’s how they spell it. I thought it was Idiot Brigade? It’s either that or they have shit in their brains. Enzo is trying to put himself in the final two. He’s working on Hayden. He then works on Lane.

Plastic Chen talks with the BBUS house.

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Big Brother US S12E28 (CBS)

Enzo is crying like a girl when he hits the padded wall. Hayden says that the Idiot Brigade is dead.

There is a water fall now in the middle of the terrain. Enzo keeps screaming like a pussy. He’s probably going to be out first. The wooden seat is making Enzo’s bollocks numb.

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Big Brother US S12E27 (CBS)

Tonight, the final POV will be up for grabs. The holder of the POV will decide who will go home.

Hayden says that their target is Britney. Lane admits that he wants to get rid of Enzo. Enzo thinks that Lane is in a win-win position.

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Big Brother US S12E26 (CBS)

Britney keeps dropping the decorations. It’s kind of funny to watch. Enzo is taking his time. Enzo has got 2. Britney has 1. Hayden has 5. He’s in the lead. It starts to snow. Enzo now starts to drop the balls. Enzo has 4. Britney has 3. Hayden has 8. Britney has 4. Enzo has 5. Britney has 6. Hayden has 10. He quickly has got 11. Britney has 7. Britney has 8. Enzo has 6. Hayden keeps dropping ornaments. Britney has got 9. Enzo has got his 7th. Hayden is nervous. Britney has got her 10th. Hayden has got 15. Enzo has 9. Hayden has 16 and 17. Enzo has 10. Hayden has 18, now he has to put the star on the top.

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Big Brother US S12E25 (CBS)

Enzo won the POV. Lane nominated Hayden. Hayden isn’t happy. Britney is in the final 4. Lane wants to go to the final 2 with Britney so that he can win BB.

Hayden and Enzo want to win HOH so that they can kick out Britney. It’s up to the POV.

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Big Brother US S12E24 (CBS)

Lane nominated Enzo and Ragan. The POV is up for grabs.

Ragan smartly deduces that Enzo is the bottom rung of the Idiot Brigade’s ladder. He’s expendable. That gives him an idea of who to approach in the future.

A week has passed and Enzo can take off the penguin costume. The HM make a big deal out of it. They have a ceremony.

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Big Brother US S12E23 (CBS)

So Matt and Brendon left the BBUS house. Who became HOH?

Initially, Hayden wanted to keep Brendon, but it didn’t go that way. Ragan won POV and took himself off the block. Hayden nominated Britney.

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