2010 Oakland Riots

Thomas Hawk has got some photos of the Oakland Riots, which took place last night in response to the Johannes Mehserle murder trial. Mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the killing of Oscar Grant and Oakland rioted over this decision. Here is his write-up of what happened.

Stargate Universe Justice S01E10 (Syfy)

SG°U title card, via Wikipedia
Stargate Universe title card

I’ve never been a Stargate fan. I’ve tried watching SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, but never really found them compelling enough. I actually like the original movie with Kurt Russell, but the series never really interested me that much. One of my friends recently bought all of the seasons cheaply. I thought about watching them, but ran out of time. Scalzi is a creative consultant on this series and it looks pretty interesting, so I’ve decided to give it a go.

Now, before any bitching and hating starts― too late, it’s already started, I haven’t bothered to read, review, or watch any of the Stargate series, and I’m not going to. I’ve watched a couple of episodes and didn’t continue. I tried Stargate Atlantis, but didn’t like it. My friend told me that starting season 4, SG-1 was really good. I can’t really comment on that as I stopped watching the series after a few episodes.

Basically, I’m a new viewer of Stargate, but I’m not a science-fiction novice. It puts me in an interesting spot about reviewing this show. My point of view is from someone who hasn’t watched any of the SG shows, so this review and recap should be interesting to those of you who haven’t watched SG before. For the others, leave some comments and start a discussion.

Is the show good or bad? Read on to find out more.

Warning: spoilers ahead

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Hollywood and Roman Polanksi

There’s a reason why Hollywood is coming out and trying to save Polanski. Just like Whoopi Goldberg said, it wasn’t rape-rape. That’s actually true. It wasn’t rape. He just raped and sodomized a 13-year old girl. He then fled the country to avoid prosecution. Justice is blind.

Justice Is Blind

As much as everyone in North America would like to believe that justice is blind, I think that justice is only for the rich. The rich who can afford the best lawyers pervert the cause of justice.

Others do what they can do. What can you do when you can’t afford 120$ an hour? You get justice but justice that has been sold off to you.

I find it unconscionable that people who don’t have the means to get the “best” lawyer end up with no justice at all. Something must be done to change this.

Do normal everyday people actually care that much about this?

No, because usually, everyday people rarely get involved with justice or courts. In my life, it’s happened to me only once. It wasn’t anything big, but it opened my eyes to how perverted it seemed in my eyes.

This allows the rich and corporations to dictate new laws and their own interest above the cause of justice. They can do what they want, sue whomever they want. With the law in their hands, the system will slowly break down. Of course, it’s impartial. At least that’s what you hope when you enter the courts of the judicial apparatus. Judges and juries can be rigged, but at least they aren’t perverted.

However, who has the advantage? The client with the lawyer with a six figure retainer or the public defender?

Justice Stress

A new somewhat controversial clip from Justice called Stress. It depicts a bunch of youths strolling through a cité and creating havoc. The clip was produced by Romain Gavras.