JVC GC-XA1 ADIXXION Camcorder for Rugged, Outdoorsy Types

If you live life to the extreme, and want to document it, then you need to check out the new JVC GC-XA1 ADIXXION camcorder. It has a bunch of features, and the ruggedness of this device will let you take it with you anywhere. And you can look really cool if you wear it with goggles, like this guy:

jvc gc xa1 adixxion camcorder

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JVCs 31mm Thin Home Theater System Available November

101409_rg_JVCthin_01.jpgWe really enjoy when manufacturers try different ideas. JVC is trying an ultra-thin home theater system that mounts on your wall. This system even includes flat, wall-mounted speakers.

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JVC HDTVs Go Ultra Thin and 3D

091609_rg_JVCultrathin_01.jpgWhile other manufacturers have just announced that they are going to work on 3D HDTVs, JVC has already jumped the gun and released one! Wait, is there actually 3D content available on the market right now so you can watch it on this TV? Also, JVC released details about their upcoming ultra thin LCD HDTV.

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JVC Air Cushion Headphones
JVC Air Cushion Headphones

My old iPod headphones were falling apart. I ‘borrowed’ my wife’s earphones, buy they broke apart. I spent two weeks without any mobile earphones. At home, I use a set of cheap Philips SHP 805. I know, they are cheap. I’ve got a pair of $300 Sennheisers in storage and my DJ headphones, Sony MDR700DJs are in Taiwan. Both headphones have broken jacks. Happens to me all the time, because they are permanently plugged into my computer, they get tossed around a bit and the jacks will break.

Anyway, I wasn’t about to get a Shure SE 530 for now, it’s not in my budget. The guy in the shop actually recommended the JVC pair, over similar Sennheisers and JBL. Naturally, I had a budget. I wasn’t going to spend more than $70. In the end, I’m pretty happy with the result. They are in-ear headphones and really stick inside, without falling out. Sound quality is very decent and since they stick into the ear canal, they adequately block out sounds from the outside world.

JVC Super Thin HDTV

Super thin LCD TVs are the wave of the future. Most manufacturers are producing these thin panels, as more and more consumers want to mount their TVs on walls. JVC hops into the super-slim HDTV market with its new Procision models. The 42″ LT-42SL89 and the 46″ LT-46SL89 measure only 1.5″ (39mm) in width and have a maximum depth of 2.9″ (74mm).