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Bionic Woman Trust Issues S0107 (NBC)

Bionic Woman is a new series that is a re-imagining of the original series called The Bionic Woman from 1976-78 starring Lindsay Wagner. Katee Sackhoff is absent from this episode as well. It’s too bad, I miss her in this show. Her character was nice and complex.

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Bionic Woman The List S01E06 (NBC)

I honestly don’t know about Jaime’s romance with Tom. It’s a bit annoying.

In this episode, Jaime goes to France to get a list of covert agents that is for sale. The trouble is that the list has Berkut and CIA operatives on it, more than a 100. They need to recover it. The CIA is working with Berkut on this, and naturally Jaime wants to work with Tom again.

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Bionic Woman S01E05 (NBC)

Jaime is going back to college, but not the way that she anticipated. A professor at a well known campus is pioneering in neurochips. These neurochips have started showing up in Iraq. Jaime is tasked to investigate the professor. She poses as a transfer from Oxford in neuroscience.

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Bionic Woman S01E04 (NBC)

Jaime goes on her first mission outside of the US. They have to retrieve a missing thumbdrive that contains data on Jaime’s bionics. Things don’t really go as planned. Jaime has trouble maintaining a balance between her personal life and her new professional one.

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Bionic Woman S01E03 (NBC)

For some reason, Jaime Sommers is drawn to Sarah Corvus. As the first bionic woman, Sarah knows a lot more about the bionics. The people at Berkut aren’t as willing to share that much information. In this episode, Jaime learns how to hack herself and turn off certain implants.

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Bionic Woman S01E02 (NBC)

Bionic Woman is a re-imagining of the original show which aired during the late seventies.

With the advances in technology, the premise of this show is becoming more and more real.

Sommers is trying to come to terms with the death of her boyfriend, who recently became her fiancée. He was killed in the pilot by Sarah Corvus played by Sackhoff from Battlestar Galactica. She makes a disturbing discovery while going through his things. Meanwhile, her sister is getting into trouble at school and Sommers doesn’t know how to deal with it all. She keeps hearing feedback through her bionic ear.

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