What If Women Were As Horny As Men

Hilarious video, obviously NSFW. You’ll see a bunch of male strippers and women creaming their pants. The part of the video where the man imagines Oppositeland, where women behave like men, is really funny. The strip club was my favorite part, though the creamy pants incident on the subway was also pretty funny.

I really do objectify guys all the time. Men are delicious pieces of meat that I want to take delicious bites out of all day long. If you’re sleeping beside me? Watch out for your man parts because I’m coming for them. You’re on the subway, and you’re good-looking and you’re reading a book? I’m making my way through all these people so I can “accidentally” grab your ass. And lord help me if I ever learned of a strip club that had only men in tightie whities gallivanting around swinging their junk in my face. Lord help us all, am I right?!
Katie West

Katie West & The Awesome Police

I thought that this quote was pretty awesome when I read it on her blog:

And thank you. Stop being so awesome. I hear it’s going to become illegal soon. And then the Awesome Police will be after you, and if they’re anything like the Cute Police, you better watch yourself. I’ve had many dealings with the Cute Police on behalf of my cat Bruce, and they’re no walk in the park, let me tell you! They’re brutal! Brutal and unforgiving! And I’m sure the Awesome Police will be no different. Mark my words.

BTW, she just broke her camera and needs help to get it fixed, so use iamkatiewest@yahoo.ca to PayPal her some love.

Katie West @ FLNGS

This is a beautiful post by Katie West over at FLNGS. I really liked it. Needless to say that it’s NSFW.

Polaroids of Katie West by Mark Velasquez

A few polaroids of Katie West by Marc Velasquez
A few NSFW polaroids of Katie West by Marc Velasquez

Then again, most of what Katie West does is NSFW, so there you go!