WMF SmarTea Kettle: One Schmancy Tea Pot

How much tea do you drink each day? I drink a few cups, as well as at least a mug of coffee, so this might be a good addition to my modern technology-infused kitchen. This so-called “smartkettle” will update a routine that’s been pretty basic for the last few millennia.

wmf smartea teapot appliance

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Best Technological Kettles For Tea Lovers

While I love coffee, I can’t drink it everyday, so I drink a lot of tea. I’ve cut down on my strong Orange Pekoe tea consumption as well, to cut down on the stimulants in my diet, but I still have a cup every day. I do love drinking herbal teas. There’s just something very comforting of having a hot mug of tea in your hands. Personal favorites include anise, mint, and lemon teas. Here are some of the best tea brewers available right now.

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Twettle The Tweeting Kettle

This is probably something that’s not that useful, but you got to give it to the designers behind this, it’s interesting, especially if you’re involved in a lot of social networking. This kettle will tweet when it’s ready to serve you some tea!

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