Kevin Kelly on Heat Death

Kevin Kelly is back with regular posts over at The Technium. His latest examines heat death, which is what happens when the universe reaches its final thermodynamic state, with maximum entropy, ie no free thermodynamic energy to sustain motion or life.

Kevin Kelly on Moore’s Law

Kevin Kelly writes an exhaustive examination of Moore’s Law.

The Reasons Why Technology Can’t Fulfill

A great essay by Kevin Kelly on why we can’t find fulfillment through technology. I really liked what he wrote about the Amish and their lifestyle.

The Triumph of Default

Kevin Kelly explores the triumph of default.

Reagan and the Collapse

Former President Reagan defined a recession as when your friend lost his job, and a depression as when you lost your job. Collapse is when no one has a job. (via Kevin Kelly)

Evidence of a Global Super Organism

A great article over at the Technium by Kevin Kelly about the evidence of a global super organism. Nova Spivak of Twine gives his own account.

On Literacy In Cyberspace

A great article by Kevin Kelly about literacy vs cyberspace. The main focus of this article was to see the comparison with offline reading and online reading.

I do understand the problem. How does reading a novel in your bed compare to reading blogs through your RSS reader?

First of all, blog readers do follow a lot of blogs. By itself, this means that they aren’t reading every single word. Personally, I tend to separate skimming blogs and reading blogs. Blogs that I read and blogs that I skim.


Not everything is worth to be read. I will read most of the personal blogs, but sometimes they digress and I skim. Most of the blogs I read for work are skimmed. Starred and shelved for later use once something interesting is found. Personally, I find it much more productive to do this through feeds, instead of newspapers.

I don’t think this type of reading compares with reading a book. What we can compare is reading a ebook on a computer/laptop/PDA and reading a book.

I don’t really skim anything that I read in that fashion. I usually prefer buying books in the physical sense, but after the first few hundred books, reading gets expensive, especially if you buy hardcover novels. Ebooks are cheaper and easier to get. I don’t particularly like reading them on my computer though, but hey, it accomplishes what I set out to do.

There is something pleasurable and analog about getting a good book with a cup of tea and leisurely reading. Recently, I’ve read about 5 books in the last week. Some of them physical, some of the electronic.

I think that the most important thing when you get ready to read for reading, is to not be distracted by anything else. By this, I mean that you shouldn’t really read ebooks while being logged on the internet. I disconnect and concentrate solely on the book.

This isn’t always easy, especially when you work from home as a freelance blogger, but it gives you a good respite and refreshens your creative juices. Over the weekend, I’ve managed to read about 4 books. I also got a lot of work done.

My love for reading was fostered at a very young age, when I saw my mother reading voraciously. She in turn taught me the value of reading. Ever since I was a child, I have been reading… voraciously. In time, I developped a personal taste. My mother continued to move on in life, and has now become a published author, which is something I want to accomplish as well.

There is no point in really going on about how fast I read. I do read fast. The better the book, the faster I will read it. There are probably a lot of people out there who read faster than I do.


Kevin Kelly on Zillionics, the new scale of data and storage that are available to use in the modern computing age. The orders or magnitude are necessitating new outlooks on what we thought was large beforehand.

1000 Fans

Help from Copyblogger and Kevin Kelly to find your true 1000 fans. Trent Reznor from NIN applied this principle when he sold 2500 copies of his deluxe 300$ version of Ghosts I-IV.