Magic Numpad Magically Transforms Magic Trackpad into Magic Numeric Keyboard

If you’re a Mac user and you yearn to use a numeric keypad, then look no further. Mobee’s Magic Numpad might look flimsy, but it will transform your Apple Magic Trackpad into a numeric keypad thanks to the accompanying software.


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Moody Keypad Puts Emoticons at Your Fingertips

In an effort to allow your grandma to finally grasp the concept of emoticons, Lavatelli will soon release the Emoticon Keypad. USB junk and/or crap-gadget? Yes, I do believe so.


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Cropmark Bluetooth Numeric Keypad Matches Your Mac

While I’ve always enjoyed a full keyboard, switching to a smaller one for my Mac hasn’t been a big issue. I can learn to live without a numeric keypad, although I’d rather not. If you’re like me, then you’ll probably be happy to hear that Cropmark’s numeric keypad is now available and perfectly matches your Apple gear.


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United Keys OLED Keypad: The Affordable Optimus

Optimus. You know you want it. We all want it, but who can afford to spend $1500 on a keyboard? Not a lot of people, still it’s something to strive for. Well, it looks like Art Lebedev aren’t the only ones in the OLED keypad market. United Keys just launched their own version. The only difference is that the United Keys keypad and keyboard are monochrome, not in living color.