The Butler Dock Empties Your Pockets

Everyone needs a place to stow the stuff that fills their pockets. As for myself, I tend to leave my keys in my pockets at all times, because I’ve forgotten them before, my smartphone is near me most of the day, and I usually keep my wallet on a cupboard in my bedroom. However, the Butler looks like a good centralized location for all of your stuff so you don’t lose track of it.

the butler smartphone dock wallet

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KeySquare: A Keychain That’s Definitely Not for Squares

I’ve lost plenty of keys, off carabiners as well, so I’m always looking for a more secure option for my keys. Unlike carabiner keychains, KeySquare wasn’t designed to help you climb mountains, but it was specifically made for carrying your keys.

keysquare keychain kickstarter

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Hone Bluetooth Dongle: Never Lose Your Keys Again

Have you ever lost your keys in your apartment? Then, did you end up finding them after searching for hours or days in the most unexpected spot? Then Hone was made for you. These Bluetooth dongles pair up with your iPhone or iPad using a free app and will emit an audible vibration alert when you tap the “Find” button.

hone bluetooth dongle find your keys

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Keyboard Jacket: Stylishly Geeky, Best Left Home

Some geeks have a strange fashion sense. The Computer Keys jacket is no exception. It will dress up your favorite geek in the most geeky way possible: by covering him or her in a wearable keyboard. It’s too bad that the keyboard doesn’t actually work. Now that would have been cool.


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