Hanfree Stand Makes Your iPad Float in Mid-Air

Do you ever get tired of holding your iPad in bed? Well, it looks like there’s an accessory that will help you deal with that situation once and for all. It’s called the Hanfree and it will work with the iPad and iPad 2. The stand will literally make your iPad float above your bed.

hanfree stand ipad kickstarter

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Trembo Trunks: Speakers Powered by Earbuds

We’ve all been in a situation where you don’t have any power and you’d like to listen to some tunes. It looks like the Trembo Trunks kickstarter project is seeking to remedy the situation by offering these new powerless speakers.

trembo trunks powerless speakers music audio mp3

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Paintball Robot Brings the Pain to the Paintball Arena

I still remember the first time that I went to play paintball. For some, playing with the paintball guns was just too much and they went kind of nutty. I especially liked the paintball grenades. Now, it looks like paintballers will have another option: the paintball robot.


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