DIY Google Street View Kit: For Areas Yet Unexplored by Google Maps

Do you envy Googlers going around town, scanning the world for their Street View feature in Google Maps? Then check out the DIY Street View Kit that was put together by the German designer Jan Martin. Now you’ll finally be able to scan all of the places that you’ve wanted.

diy streetview google maps

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Killspencer Dopp Folio: For Gadgets & Grooming, Say What?

I’ve never thought about mixing my shaving cream with my gadgets, but that didn’t stop Killspencer from thinking of a way of doing this, thanks to their new Dopp Folio, which does double duty as a carrier for your grooming stuff or your travel gadgets.

killspencer dopp folio grooming 01

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iPhone Lens Dial Case: Ugly and Expensive, Still Cool for iPhone Camera Addicts

If you thought that the Holga Lens Filters were cool, but not enough, then you’ll probably like this lens dial, which comes with three even bigger lenses that should help you to take even better photos with your iPhone.

iphone 4 4s lens dial photojojo attachment photo camera

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Space Shuttle Expedition LEGO Set: A Fond Farewell to Atlantis

With the Space Shuttle Atlantis having landed safely from its final mission, you can continue the Space Shuttle era at home thanks to the LEGO Space Shuttle Expedition Set. The large set of LEGO bricks has 1,230 pieces and stands 17.5 inches in height and 10 inches in width.


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LEGO Star Wars Death Star Kit: Over 3,800 Pieces!

Yes, you read that right. This is an authentic recreation from LEGO of the Death Star from Star Wars. This means that you can go to a store and buy this kit, which includes over 3,800 pieces, and start building your own Death Star.


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OWI Robotics All Terrain Robot Looks Like Wall-E’s Dumb Kid Brother

The 3-1 All-Terrain Robot (ATR) from OWI Robotics is a vehicular robot ekit that you can assemble yourself. The level of this assembly is easy, and there’s no soldering required, so this means even that kids can put it together.

owi robotics atr robot 3-in-1 toys

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Fennec Fox Kits From Everland Zoo In Korea

Incredibly cute Fennec Fox kit from the Everland Zoo in Korea, via ZooBorns

I discovered ZooBorns and found this incredibly cute photo of a Fennec Fox kit from the Everland Zoo in Seoul, Korea. Look at those ears!

Big ears! by In Cherl Kim

Emergency Bicycle Tool Kit

Topeak Mini 18+

I haven’t really ridden this hard since I was 15-17 and even back then, I don’t think that I carried much of a toolkit. With bike technology having evolved in the last few years, what does that mean for an emergency toolkit?

For some reason, I’ve been dreaming about this, or more like lucid dreaming, trying to put together a really nifty tool kit. I think the basis of any tool kit is a multi-tool. That I already have. I purchased a Topeak Mini 18+ multi-took last week and I’ve already used it to change tires. Now it comes down to the bag. I don’t want anything too big and it will have to sit underneath my saddle. I don’t want anything MTB specific since I will mostly be on the roads.

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