Cat Curling

I play curling with my cat. I use Yoda as a curling weight and throw her around on the slippery tiles. It’s a lot of fun and my dog Spike enjoys chasing her. I also play some more curling with her when I sweep the floors. I sweep her around a bit as well.

More On Yoda

So it looks like she’s a bit older than I thought. The pet store owner asked me if she had teeth. I said yes. The store owner said that she could have some food. I bought a few tins and served little Yoda. She loved it. So I guess that she can eat food, bottle feeding is no longer required. I’ll still feed her a bit of milk.

I’ve bought a cat litter box and placed it in a secluded spot and I have been putting her in there are her meals. Hopefully she’ll get the idea quickly. I’ve yet to clean up an accident, because I’ve laid out a few empty shoe boxes and bags just for her to use. Slowly, she’ll use the litter box.

She most definitely doesn’t like being in her cage when I’m gone. Now, I only crate her at nights.

Yoda’s Life

Yoda, the two or three week old kitten that I rescued earlier this week, is doing fine and dandy. Her life revolves around sleeping, being bottle fed some warm milk that I heat up, being cuddled, playing with my French Bulldog Spike and exploring her new surroundings. She’s never kept me up at night and always sleeps throught the entire night.

During the day or when I’m awake and she’s around, she sleeps either on my chest or snuggled right next to my arm, hip or leg. She’s really affectionate and playful. She’s also quite athletic and curious about what is around her. She plays with Spike all the time and they get along well. After the first night and after having her defleaed and deliced, she’s purring a lot when I pet her.

She’s doing pretty well and she’s incredibly cute. I’ve successfully taken a few pics which I’ll upload over the weekend.

I’m always amazed at how tiny she is. I’m glad that Spike gets along well with her. In the end, I think that he needed the company. For now, she stays crated during the day when I’m at work and at night. She sleeps most of that time anyway.