TARDIS Socks: No Bigger on the Inside than Out, Still Bigger at the Calf than Ankle

While I have trouble calling any sock a spin-off sock, that’s what creator and knitter Ellen Botilda calls her TARDIS tribute socks. They were based on another pattern, but slightly altered. Now, all that I have to find is someone who will knit a pair of these for me!

tardis socks doctor who tribute ellen botilda

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DIY Robotic Knitting Machine: Sew What?

Let’s be honest, I’ve never had the patience to knit. My mom showed me how, and I did it for about 2 minutes before I went back to playing with my LEGOs. Then again, Correx37 made a robotic knitting machine which will knit your sweaters by itself. That sounds way cooler to me.

knitting machine knit robot

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Delicately Knit Human Organs

Delicately knit human organs by Sarah Illenberger. (via kottke)